Rules & Etiquette



Gold Creek Golf Club hosts club competitions and open events at Gold Creek Country Club.  The Conditions of Competition (the Conditions) details in this document apply to all competitions staged by Gold Creek Golf Club.
Alternate Conditions of Play are sometimes defined for specific events or competitions.  Where Event-Specific Conditions of Competition conflict with these standard Conditions of Competition, the Event-Specific Conditions of Competition will take precedence.

All competition entrants are bound by the conditions detailed in this document.  Failure to adhere to the conditions may, at the discretion of the Club Match Committee, lead to disqualification from the event.In accordance with Golf Australia recommendations, a player holding a handicap with a provisional status will not be eligible to win a prize in a competition or to win a competition.
In addition, all entrants are bound by any regulations put in place by the Country Club concerning course maintenance and preservation.  Infringement of those regulations, after sufficient warning, will be considered as a breach on the Conditions of Competition of the Golf Club.


Players are to play golf in accordance with (IAW) the Rules of Golf.  The Match Committee is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all club competitions IAW the Rules of Gold and any relevant conditions of competition.
It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is also aware of any applicable Local Rules, as displayed on the Local Rules Board, and those pertaining to the Country Club generally.Rules Officials may be utilised by the Match Committee in some events, in which case players requiring the assistance of a Rules Official are to be notify a marshall or other course official.


The Gold Creek Pro Shop is the approved Starter for all club competitions.  The Starter is responsible for starting the competition field in line with the advertised timesheet.
Players are requested to move to the first tee when called and to be ready to start as per the timesheet.
Where a major event is scheduled, the Match Committee will normally provide a Starter at the first tee precinct.  In this case, players are to report to the Starter at the first tee precinct prior to their tee time, at a time set down in the event conditions.

Start Times

Players are to report to the Pro Shop at least 20 minutes prior to their designated tee time.  The Starter will dispatch the field on time and players who are late to the tee may be penalised or disqualified.

Pace of Play

Local rules and guidelines are in place for pace of play at Gold Creek Golf Club.  These are located on the Local Rules Board and the Golf Club Notice Board respectively.
Time recording is in effect in club competitions. All players are to input their score into the Golf System after completion of play, and the system will automatically record the duration of play for that group.
If a group or individual receives a warning for slow play from a course marshal or other designated official, they are to immediately increase their pace of play.
The Match Committee is responsible for decisions relating to slow play in club competitions.

Course Marshals

Course Marshals will tour the course in carts.  Marshals are responsible for identifying slow play and providing assistance to competitors where required.
Please note that Marshals are not responsible for determining the Rules of Golf or adjudicating on disputes.

Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, the GCCC or Pro Shop staff will alert the field by signalling three short blasts of a horn from the Pro Shop and the 4th tee.  Players may finish the hole they are currently playing if it is safe to do so.  One long blast will be used to signal the immediate cessation of play.  In this instance, all players are to return to the Clubhouse as quickly and safely as possible.
Play will recommence by sounding the horn three times once Pro Shop staff in consultation with the Match Committee advises the course is suitable for play.

Score Card Returns

All players are responsible for entering their scores into the computer scoring system via the touch screens provided upon completion of their round. Touch screens are located in the club house and in the Pro-Shop.
To assist with the administration of a competition, a regulation is in effect which provides disciplinary sanctions (e.g. ineligibility to play in the next club competition(s), for failure to enter scores into the computer system via the touch screens provided.
Markers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of scores provided by the player.  Both marker and player are to sign the card as an accurate representation of the player’s score.
Junior members of the Golf Club are not permitted to act as markers for other junior members without the explicit permission of a member of the Match Committee.


Where possible, players are to lodge any disputes (verbally or in writing) with a Committee Member within 30 minutes of completing their round.  If a Committee Member is unavailable, then the dispute should be submitted in writing to the Pro Shop Supervisor.
The Duty Match Committee member will address the situation, or direct the issue to the Match Committee for resolution as applicable.
Any dispute that arises outside this timeframe may be referred to the Match Committee for resolution by advising the Committee in writing via email to

Staff and Committee Members

All members are entitled to enjoy their golf, including staff and Committee Members.
Members are not to approach staff or Committee Members whilst they are preparing for competition, playing competition, or immediately after their playing round.


The Match Committee can provide assistance or advice on club competitions by contacting


Pace of play remains a difficult issue for all golf clubs.  Whilst we should always recognise that golf is a social game that we play for recreation, without due consideration a small number of players can significantly impact the pace of competitions and enjoyment of the day for the entire field.

An acceptable pace of play for all Gold Creek Golf Club competitions is considered to be

  • Stableford and Par Events – 4 hours and 15 minutes
  • Stroke Events – 4 hours and 30 minutes

Additionally, as groups start at 8-minute intervals, it is expected that groups will finish at similar intervals.

The Match Committee appreciates that circumstances on the day may dictate that a group may struggle to meet these conditions.  In those cases, the overriding principle regarding pace of play at our Club should be one of consideration and respect for your fellow members.  A group that has fallen significantly behind the group in front should always allow the groups behind to play through when practical to do so.

The match committee has systematic time recording in operation, via individual scores entered into the touch screens provided in the Spike bar and Pro Shop, and its use on completion of a round is a condition of competition.

While recording the time is not an absolute measure of pace, it is a useful indication of the general flow of a competition, the impact of one group across a competition, and where groups have allowed others to play through.

Upon completion of competition, the Match Committee will consider the pace of the overall competition and investigate any groups that are considered to have adversely impacted the pace of the competition.  Any investigation will be done based on time recording, the Course Marshal’s report (where applicable) and the position and impact of the group on the rest of the field.

It should be noted by all players that, because of the impact on the rest of the field, pace of play is particularly important for groups playing earlier in a competition.  Any sanction that may be applied will always be considered in light of both the time loss and the magnitude of the impact on others.

Where a member has, in the determination of the Match Committee, breached the Pace of Play Policy, the following sanctions may be applied.

  • An initial warning letter that will outline the responsibility of the group to maintain pace of play and indicate that if they again breach the Pace of Play Policy within three months from issue, they will receive a further warning.
  • A subsequent warning within the three-month period will exclude players from playing prior to 11.00am for a period of no less than six weeks.
  • Any further warning within that three-month period will see players excluded from entry to Club competitions for a minimum of three weeks.
Finally, in considering pace of play, we ask that all members are familiar with, and adhere to, the following guidelines.
  • Play Ready Golf.  Ready golf is, simply put, ensuring each golfer in the group hits when ready.  Additional examples would include the following.
    • If you get to the tee box first, hit off first – don’t slow the game down for the sake of “the honour”.
    • Think about your shot in advance so that you are ready to hit as soon as it is your turn – don’t wait until it’s your turn to start the shot preparation process.
    • When driving a cart, drop your partner first, let your partner chose his or her club and then drive to your own ball to get ready to play.
    • When a ball is lost in your group, hit your short first and then help your playing partner look for the lost ball.
    • Never play in a caravan – moving in a group from ball to ball.
    • When on the green, line up your putt before it is your turn.
    • Mark scorecard at the next tee, not on the green.
  • Let faster groups play through.  Groups struggling to maintain a good pace to the group in front should always let groups behind move through when it is safe to do so.
  • Be aware of the group in front and your place in the fieldYour place is behind the group in front and not in front of the group behind.

Finally, it is the responsibility of ALL players to maintain the pace of play in a group.


The Gold Creek Golf Club hosts club competitions and Open Events under a licence agreement with the Gold Creek Country Club.  While visitors to the club are most welcome, preference must always be given to members of the golf club during licensed competition times.  This is especially the case in the summer months when competition slots are at a premium.

The following outlines the policy in respect to visitor competition participation.  This policy applies to all members of the club with the exception of junior members who do not have visitor privileges.

No approval is required for a guest to play with a member in a club competition where the guest holds a current golflink AGU handicap, and the competition is neither a Monthly Medal nor Goldrush event.

Approval is required for guests to play with a member in Monthly Medal and Goldrush events.Where a guest places first in a Monthly Medal grade they will receive the standard division prize money in the event but not the Medal or position in the end of season Medal of Medals which will go the highest placed member.  In the Goldrush event, a visitor may win a standard division prize but not the bonus Goldrush Prize money and the place in the end of season Goldrush championship shall go to the highest placed member.
Approval is required in all competitions where a member is seeking to play with more than one guest, or where a guest does not hold an AGU handicap.  In the event that a guest has limited experience, they may be required to play at the rear of the field in the interests of pace of play.

Any visiting groups who are members of an ACT DGA affiliated club, and who are not playing with a club member, may not enter until the day prior to the date of competition.  Any entry earlier than this date may only occur with the permission of the Club or Ladies Captain.

Groups from outside the ACT DGA affiliated clubs may enter competitions at the discretion of the starter in consultation with the Club or Ladies Captain.

Where approval is required,, this will be done at the discretion of either the Club Captain and will be done based on likely loading to ensure preference is always given to club members.  Confirmation of visitor eligibility should, in the first instance, be sought via the Captain’s email address and done so prior to the booking being made.


Gold Creek Golf Club has a relaxed dress code but one we do enforce to maintain the integrity of our Club.  It is the responsibility of members to ensure they and their guests comply with the dress code which is outlined below.

Shirts Collar, mock turtle or skivvy Tee shirts or singlets
Pants Tailored pants, neat and clean denim jeans or cargo pants Tracksuit pants, ripped or torn denim
Shoes Soft spike sport or golf shoe Thongs, sandals or steel spikes
Shirts Collared, collared sleeveless, mock turtle or skivvy Bare midriff or singlets
Pants Tailored pants, neat and clean denim jeans, cargo pants, 3/4 pants, skorts or shorts of a suitable minimum length Tracksuit pants, ripped or torn denim, inappropriate short skirts/shorts
Shoes Soft spike, sports or golf shoe Thongs, sandals or steel spikes
Gold Creek Golf Club members also enjoy privileges at the following golf clubs with whom we are delighted to have entered into reciprocal arrangements: Bermagui Country Club NSW, Devonport Golf Club TAS, Gosford Golf Club NSW, Macquarie Links Golf Club NSW, Merewether Golf Club NSW, Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club NSW, Port Macquarie Golf Club NSW, Stonecutters Ridge NSW, The Links Shell Cove NSW, Tocumwal Golf Club, NSW, Victor Harbor Golf Club SA, Woolgoolga Returned Services Golf Club NSW.